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For over 40 years, more than 1,000 students have found  in Pedralbes University Residence a place to supplement their university education.

In Pedralbes we try to offer training oriented to the development of soft competences, i.e. to be able to respond to the needs of modern society.

The coexistence of  university students with different mentalities and origins, along with all the cultural and social activities organized by Pedralbes, may  help residents to awake an authentic university spirit, acquire a solid professional training and promote a healthy concern for social issues.

Professional clubs

The protagonists of university life are our students themselves, and Pedralbes University Residence is an ideal platform to put into practice its initiatives. Several professional clubs led by senior residents develop their own activities in Pedralbes throughout the academic year.  Some of the professional clubs are: engineering, law, business, health science, discussion strategies, journalism, architecture, linguistics, etc. 

Pedralbes Business Club (CEP)

CEP is the Spanish acronym for the Pedralbes Business Club. It is one of the most prestigious activities organized by Pedralbes University Residence and now has over a decade of history.

This activity is organized by an enterprising group of residents in collaboration with the IESE Business School, one of the best business schools in the world in MBA and doctoral programs.

The Pedralbes Business Club aims to bring the world of business to the university students by conducting specialized courses. These courses deal with different areas of the business world by  meeting with businessmen, giving theoretical  and practical sessions sharing their  professional experience. The courses have always been known  by providing a more practical  view of the business field, as opposed to the view frequently shown at University. Thus, the Pedralbes Business Club is a magnificent opportunity for all those  interested in completing their university education with a more practical view that will most likely enhance the opportunity to succeed in their careers.

IESE-Pedralbes Summer School

The IESE-Pedralbes Summer School is 1 week-program  organized by the Business Club. It takes place during the second half of July. University students attend this program from all around the world.

Network of professional advisers

Through the network of professional advisers, some former university students and others who are linked to Pedralbes University Residence  offer professional advice to residents who are studying, ending or going to make a change in their professional career.


The Network covers a broad range of both professional  and geographical  areas -within and outside Spain- with the desire to continue  growing with  new members in our residence sector. Among the former residents of Pedralbes there are prestigious professionals from many sectors.


Pedralbes University Residence  makes the contact between the Professional Advisor and the resident that requested counseling easy. For its part, the advisor agrees to attend and offer advice to the student. The interview may be in person or by videoconference, ensuring a quarterly frequency during the academic year in the university residence. The number of interviews is not set; it depends on the advisor’s trial. These talks will provide advice on the professional sector to which it belongs. If a professional relationship of some kind is set (job offer, consulting or coaching, etc.), the advisor and student are the ones who should  determine the conditions.

Network of adherent enterprises

The companies that are adhered to Pedralbes University Residence can participate in the formation of our residents to facilitate the development of their skills and provide  guidance for their professional development. Various kinds of collaborations may arise:

a) Internships or practices (optional compensation, summer or during the course)

Several reasons motivate us to consider necessary that students of the residence hall perform such practices:

– They are a complement to their academic training and enrich the proposed curriculum of studies that the University presents;

– Incorporate knowledge, skills and attitudes related to real situations of the working world;

– Acquire skills that improve their chances of integration in the workplace;

– Increase the knowledge and use of existing technologies;

– We provide elements that contribute to choose their future careers and broaden their horizons regarding possible specific fields of work performance;

– Have a minimum work experience required by the employer to hire you once you have graduated;

– Implement theoretical tools into practice.

b) Academic excellence scholarships to cover the accommodation

Scholarships are a financial help that are given to students in order to cover the costs of accommodation in our university residence. The annual cost of the full board for the 2015-16 year is 9,650€. The amount of financial assistance is determined by the partner company, which will pay part of the pension directly to Pedralbes University Residence. The scholarship recipient must submit a final course memory about how he has used the grant to the partner company with the aim to renew the scholarship.

c) Visits to the facilities of the partner company

Organization of visits to the company’s facilities.

d) Being part of the network of professional advisors

This network aims to advise the residents and former residents in their professional orientation at the end of their career and their professional decisions throughout life.

e) Partners of events of the Residence

The university residence collaborates with some partners through a sponsorship of collaboration in some of the cultural, academic or sports events organized by Pedralbes Residence , such as cultural gatherings with guests of social relevance, the Business Club in collaboration with the IESE Business School, Research Awards for pre-university students…

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