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Students Hall of Residence Pedralbes  is more than a university residence. Besides providing an enabling environment for the study, Pedralbes aims to help residents with activities that connect the university with the reality thanks to its educational project.


  • Individual rooms

    Pedralbes has 84 single rooms with bed, wardrobe, bookshelf, desk and toilet.

  • Own kitchen

    Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner daily, including weekends with long extended hours to eat and the possibility to order takeaway

  • Washing and ironing

    Forget about laundry: daily for sportswear and weekly for the rest.

  • Daily house keeping

    Of the rooms and public areas. Weekly change of sheets and towels.

  • Music room

    Room with piano, guitars, bass, electric drums, keyboards, accordion, various percussion instruments, a table of mixtures, microphones, etc.

  • For the study

    Two study rooms with library and many teamwork rooms.

  • Specific Rooms

    The dormitory has a computer room and an arquitecture working space.

  • Sports facilities

    Indoor football court and fronton. Fitness Room inside our residence hall.

  • Swimming pool

    And gardens within Pedralbes Residence Hall.

  • Personalized service 24/7

    Attention of the professionals of the university residence. Our staff will guide you and ensure your integration in Pedralbes.

Thanks to the services and facilities of Pedralbes Hall of Residence in Barcelona, you can enjoy a pleasant stay. You will work in study halls undisturbed and enjoy the common areas of Pedralbes such as the pool, the football pitch or fitness room.

Pedralbes students residence is characterized by its comfort, calmness, promotion of study, multiculturalism and coexistence.

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