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Since 1983, Pedralbes Hall of Residence is a corporate undertaking of Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church. For this reason, there is a chaplaincy and Pedralbes offers Christian formation for those who want the pastoral care that is entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei, the Catholic Church.
Pedralbes Residence Hall offers a total of 83 residence dorms, which are mainly occupied by undergraduates. However, there are also masters students, doctoral students and university professors.
Pedralbes is a centre affiliated with the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, but also has signed cooperation agreements with other universities.

Our Mission

Pedralbes Residence Hall is a residence in Barcelona that has a direct relationship with the IESE Business School.


The main objective of Pedralbes is to provide accommodation and the best services to college students. In addition, our university residence of Barcelona promotes the professional, cultural, spiritual and supportive training of residents projecting its activity at the service of the entire university community.


Therefore, the CMU Pedralbes training project is based on the requirement and collaboration in the study, social and civic values, professional skills and ethical values in a climate of trust, respect and equality.


In Pedralbes we have been more than 40 years and our Residence Hall continues providing students the success through hard work and cooperation between residents and professionals of Pedralbes.


The world is undergoing profound changes. This paradigm shift makes that people capable to live in increasingly pluralistic societies and to have their own opinions are necessary. We need people with an open mind and critical thinking.


Besides a good specific preparation, the transversal skills (soft skills) are very useful in this context: communication, negotiation and consensus building, teamwork, ability to integrate different perspectives…


However, specialization of university degrees, partly motivated by a very competitive business and economic environment has led that curricula are increasingly technical.


Pedralbes Residence Hall is more than a residence; it is a place of meeting, exchange of ideas, coexistence and comprehensive training.


In Pedralbes Residence Hall we believe in you. We give all our support to help you achieve great success. Therefore, our philosophy is based on:


– A college education is an experience that does not end in the classroom of the faculties or schools.

– Being a university student implies an attitude: willingness to try to understand the environment better.

– The work (study is also a work) is oriented to the service. It has a social dimension that is crucial.

– Union is strength when it comes to people, two plus two is always more than four.

– Coexistence is a great school.

– Religious and spiritual formation (which is voluntary) complements the other dimensions of formation of our university residence: academic, cultural, sports, civic.


Board of trustees

When it comes to the University and society, the patronage is the highest representative of the Residence Hall. It is the responsible to ensure compliance with the foundational purposes and compliance with the statutes. Among its functions there is the function to approve annual budgets, appoint the Director of the Residence Hall and provide economic aids. It is composed of people with a long professional and academic experience. They are unpaid positions.


It manages the Residence Hall in day to day and ensures that the activities promoted in our university residence in Barcelona are consistent with the formation tasks and ideology. Its functions include decision-making in economic, organizational and promotional issues and those that affect the Residence Hall.


The Chaplaincy’s services complement Pedralbes’s academic and professional formation by providing the space and resources to allow those interested in the Christian faith to develop spiritually. These services are available to all members of the Pedralbes community – students, administration and alumni- and any others who may be interested. The doctrinal and religious formation of Pedralbes is entrusted to Opus Dei, prelature of the Catholic Church founded in 1928 by St. Josemaría. The priests who serve in the Pedralbes Chaplaincy are members of Opus Dei.
Throughout the day and week, Pedralbes offers spiritual activities (seminars on Christian faith, retreats and priestly care) to people who wish to renew their spiritual life. The rosary prayer, the blessing of the table and the Holy Mass are some characteristic acts of piety of Christian families. The attendance at these events is always voluntary and our Hall of Reseidence is open to people of all religious creeds.

Studies Staff

The work of the Studies Board of Pedralbes is to guide the academic work of residents, motivate them with their studies, advise them in the choice of subjects, guide them in the professional world, etc. All this helps to achieve better academic results.

During the first courses in our university residence in Barcelona a regular academic counselling that can mean the difference between success and failure is provided. Each resident of the Pedralbes Residence Hall has the help of a professional in his field that guides him in his studies. Furthermore, senior pupils offer additional support to students in the residence. To carry out these aims, the Studies Board has three main activities: personal academic counselling, seminars and intensive study.

Human Development Committee

It is responsible for implementing the educational project of the Hall of Residence in specific initiatives. It is the organ that develops, organizes and channels the various initiatives proposed by students themselves. Finally, it is responsible for internal and external communication of the university residence in Barcelona.

Students Committee

A group of students (3 or 4 members) are elected as members of these committee serving one-year terms.
Its main function is to represent all the students in order to achieve greater efficiency in the management of Pedralbes Hall of Residence.
Meetings with the staff members are held every 2 weeks in order to improve the performance of the house.
In addition, Pedralbes Students Committee is responsible for organizing activities (leisure or study) and ensures that they are carried out in order to enrich life throughout the students.


Pedralbes Residence Hall has a maintainer that ensures the optimal conditions of the facilities.

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