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Throughout the years, Pedralbes Residence Hall has organized all kind of cultural, social, sport and academic activities. These initiatives respond to the different interests of residents, who promote and organize the activities -from the beginning to the last detail- according to your concerns. Some of them have already become traditions, and year after year, new residents are responsible for giving continuity to the activities of the university residence.

Besides the regular activities, there are other initiatives during the academic year in the residence hall, with more punctual character, that help to complement the cultural and educational offer of Pedralbes, like concerts, poetry auditions or conferences open to all.

During the summer, the university residence organizes activities coordinated with other residence halls worldwide and NGOs. Apart from these, it must be added many other initiatives that are born in the university environment of Pedralbes Residence Hall: Club of engineers, architects club, Club of law, roundtables, etc.

Cultural activities

Among the many activities that take place at the Pedralbes Residence Hall, one of the most important is the gathering-talk with people who can bring experience in the education of our university residence hall.

The meeting took place in an atmosphere of dialogue between residents and the guest. The custom is to offer first a tour of the facilities of Pedralbes Residence Hall and continue with a dinner at the university residence. Then, the gathering begins in the living room of the university residence in Barcelona. The guest usually makes a simple presentation and then opens a round of questions for residents of Pedralbes. The event lasts from 9:00 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. approximately.

For more than 30 years, personalities from sport, politics, journalism, civil society, science, etc. have passed by the university residence hall. Among many other guests in the university residence Barcelona we have attended the cardiologist Dr. Valentí Fuster, the chef Ferran Adrià, the former president of Agbar Ricard Fornesa, the journalist Lluís Canut, the Olympic swimmer Erika Villaécija, the ophthalmologist Elena Barraquer, etc.

Solidary Actions

In Pedralbes Residence Hall we perform solidary actions promoted by students of the university residence hall in Barcelona. Our most significant charity activities are night patrols, Families of the Raval neighbourhood, Program 1@1 Braval NGOs, Multiethnic Sports Program of NGOs Braval, Great food collection and Work camp in the Congo.

Work camps

Every year in the Pedralbes Residence Hall there are students who want to take advantage of their summer vacation to make a voluntary work in other countries. For this reason, we have encouraged students who wish it to participate in work camps organized directly by the Pedralbes Residence Hall or others that maintain close ties with our university residence.

These work camps are almost always developed outside Spain. In the work camps you can carry out educational work with children with school or emotional difficulties, health work in poor countries and support work in the basic services of some places. In our residence hall we have organized work camps in Poland (2010), Ivory Coast (2008-2013) and Congo (2014 and 2015).

Sport activities

Pedralbes Residence Hall has its own facilities for playing basketball, handball, football, handball and also swimming. Furthermore, we dispose of a fitness room inside university residence.

Pedralbes is actively involved in the championships of the University of Barcelona in different sports. Internal leagues of futsal and racquetball are organized on the track of the residence hall, but we also have indoor football friendly matches several days a week.

Near the Pedralbes Residence Hall, students can play tennis and paddle, as well as swim in an Olympic swimming pool.

There are frequent weekend activities, like mountain excursions (trekking and mountain bike) or ski trips.

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