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One of the main objectives  of Pedralbes University Residence  is that each one  of their residents turn  their studies into a true profession.

For this reason, Pedralbes university residence  makes all efforts to help you to  make the most of your professional studies: 2 study rooms, 1 computer room, teamworking room, silence and work environment.

Each resident has a professional advisor who will guide him  in his  academic career. In addition, university professors, who live in Pedralbes University Residence, and senior residents provide very valuable advices, as long as academic and professional experience.

In addition, seminars and study weekends are frequently organized.

In  Pedralbes University Residence  we are very much aware of the importance of the balance between working hard and leisure or rest. Besides the academic counselling and a wide range of professional and intellectual opportunities, a variety of facilities and activities to be able to rest are organized throughout the year by Pedralbes.

University study techniques

During the first quarter, Pedralbes University Residence  offers its residents a very practical 3 days-course explaining  the best way to study at University. Students can learn the  basics on how to  study and also more advanced techniques, going further in planning the study, the stress, assembly as well as looking at the best methodology to take the exams, etc. The aim of this course is to help our university students to succeed in their studies as well as their professional careers.

Communication techniques

In Pedralbes we are aware of the importance of the communication skills to succeed in almost any academic and professional field. Therefore, a yearly communication skills course is organized by Pedralbes University Students. This includes written, speaking and gestural communication and is given by experts on the field.

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