18th International Interdisciplinary Seminar

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18th International Interdisciplinary Seminar – January 1-6, 2016

Is evolution the smartest form of creation? Illustrating the real symbiosis between science and faith and science and the humanities.

Residenza Universitaria Torrescalla and the Center for Quantum Philosophy present the 18th International Interdisciplinary Seminar – January 1-6, 2016 *


> The full cost of the Conference, including accommodation in Pedralbes University Hall, is € 210.

> For more information: www.quantumphil.org/conferences.html

> To apply please contact Luca Di Rienzo or Antoine Suarez.

> Email addresses: direzione.torrescalla@fondazionerui.itsuarez@leman.ch

Click here for downloading the leaflet.


*The seminar starts on January 1st at 7pm and ends on January 6th at 10am.

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